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In Howwe Library we have collected relevant and proven goals and associated Key Activities.

Howwe Library ensures that you don’t need to start from scratch: Browse our database of over 100 proven goals and key activities

Save the time it might take to formulate a goal and to find Key Activities that really have an impact on that goal. Library helps you and your team to get started faster.

Use filters to narrow down relevant choices for your team. You can filter on industry, company focus, type of team and desired effect.

The magic of Library is that you’ll know what Key Activities will lead to you reaching your goals. So regardless of whether you are a team that is basically starting from scratch or if you already have goals and activities at hand, we strongly recommend looking at Library and to validate the choices you have made.

Howwe Community

In Howwe Community, we encourage you to learn from other users. What do development teams say about harmonizing Howwe with their way of working? How can sales teams harness the power of Howwe? Browse this collection of short videos, articles and audio content on various topics, there is something relevant for everyone! Use the experiences of others as a guide in your own work!